[Ktm] Just A Little Ride With The Boys Today Deaf1ear Itslaaka Sixo Ivo Ktm

Just A Little Ride With The Boys Today Deaf1ear Itslaaka Sixo Ivo Ktm

Just a little ride with the boys today deaf1ear itslaaka sixo ivo itsnijjar

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  1. jisforjunalynn says:

    Ridin thruuuuuu my hometown nioooooce song choice lol

  2. istielc says:

    #gopro #goprosession #ktm690 #ktm #kawasaki #kawasakininja #ninja300 #r6 #yamahar6 #yamaha #yamahar1

  3. itslaaka says:

    Hell yea bro. Dope video. Good shit. 🎥🎥👌🏽💯🔥🔥🔥 @istielc

  4. istielc says:

    @jisforjunalynn haha it just randomly came on, and it happened to fit perfectly.

  5. istielc says:

    @deaf1ear Thanks bro! That wheelie thoooo 🔥

  6. sixo_ivo says:

    How does he do it🤔

  7. istielc says:

    @itslaaka Thanks bro! Just something quick, fun little ride! 👌🏽

  8. istielc says:

    @sixo_ivo the wheelie?

  9. sixo_ivo says:

    That and the Spielberg skills

  10. istielc says:

    @sixo_ivo the wheelie gods blessed him. And my shitty Sony Vegas editing skills 😂😂

  11. sixo_ivo says:

    Gotta show me sometime

  12. istielc says:

    @sixo_ivo whenever bro!

  13. fuziondoa says:

    Good shit bro! You ready for some twistys?

  14. istielc says:

    @fuziondoa Hell yeah! Weather is looking nice!

  15. _memo_209_ says:


  16. luxventurer says:


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