[Ktm] Ktm The Blackdogcw Throttle Control Adds Simple Click On Off Cruise Control To Adventure Bikes Not Equipped With One From The Factory We Installed One On Our KTM 1090 ADVR To Relieve

Ktm The Blackdogcw Throttle Control Adds Simple Click On Off Cruise Control To Adventure Bikes Not Equipped With One From The Factory We Installed One On Our KTM 1090 ADVR To Relieve

The blackdogcw Throttle Control adds simple Click On Off cruise control to adventure bikes not equipped with one from the factory. We installed one on our KTM 1090 ADVR to relieve wrist cramping and fatigue on those long highway rides. To see how it performed click the LINK in our bio or go to bit.ly throttlelock . motorcycletrip motorcycletour motorcyclecamping advrider overland AdventureTravel AdventureBike AdventureMotorcycle AdventureTouring DualSport adventuremoto adventurelife dualsportlife motorcycle advlife MotorcycleAdventure MotorcycleTravel advpulse Wanderlust advmoto explore throttlecontrol ktm1090 ktm

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  1. huckadv says:

    Do they make one for the ktm 690v

  2. advpulse says:

    @huckadv it works on the KTM 690 enduro 👍

  3. ritchie26 says:

    @advpulse how about the mighty dr650

  4. my1090r says:

    I like that, gonna check your link 👍🏻

  5. advtodd says:

    I have the same one in my 1190R, it is the bomb. You only have to rotate it a 1/4 turn to lock on. Competitors units require multiple full rotations to lock on.

  6. cmcullen says:

    @advpulse just saw this on black dog’s website, guessing it would also work on my 701. Looks awesome!

  7. advpulse says:

    @ritchie26 it works on handlebars with an inside diameter around 0.57”.

  8. advpulse says:

    @cmcullen should work on the 701 too! 👍

  9. cmcullen says:

    @advpulse right on. Going to look at the throttle control mount to make sure that moving it inboard a bit won’t be a problem. Assuming so, I’ll be ordering!

  10. willonwheels says:

    990 SMT?

  11. advpulse says:

    @cmcullen 👊

  12. cr500innh says:


  13. advriderga says:

    Do you have one to fit a African twin with Barkbuster hand guards

  14. racerglovesusa says:

    Sporting our Rally Glove. Nice Rob !

  15. crstep says:

    It sounds very similar to the excel throttle control, which I have on my AT (also click on/off). How would you compare the two?

  16. advpulse says:

    @willonwheels works 👍

  17. chrisbell62 says:

    I love mine.

  18. advpulse says:

    @racerglovesusa yes we slipped your logo in the shot. Love the Racer Rally Glove! One of the most versatile gloves out there for adventure riding!

  19. racerglovesusa says:

    @advpulse Thanks for the glove love Rob. Other new to send. Talk soon.

  20. willonwheels says:

    @advpulse might have to get one! Doing 2 months round Europe starting in May.

  21. air_and_oil says:

    Sorry can’t find the link

  22. blackdogcw says:

    @advriderga We are working on a version for the AT with stock bars. The version reviewed will definitely not fit the AT. I have not tried it personally but based on the installation instructions for the BBs, I think our version for the AT would just replace the right bar end.

  23. knight.roads says:


  24. advriderga says:

    @blackdogcw thanks for response. I also use bark busters which also attach at end of bars. Don’t forget us in your development. Need to include as system for the guards and the device. Put me on your list

  25. advpulse says:

    @air_and_oil go to our profile. Link to story is there 🙌 Or you can go to advpulse.com

  26. blackdogcw says:

    @advriderga Looking at it closer - to use with the bark busters you would need to swap out the stock handlebars for something like the Pro Tapers. The unit we are developing for the At will not work with bark busters as it needs to accommodate the stock “handguards”. if you swap out the stock bars our “KTM” throttle control will fit. That is how I set up my AT. Thanks

  27. advriderga says:


  28. advpulse says:

    @willonwheels your wrist is going to thank you 👊✊

  29. air_and_oil says:


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