[Auditt] The S3 Really Does Take On Anything You Chuck At It Auditt

The S3 Really Does Take On Anything You Chuck At It Auditt

The S3 really does take on anything you chuck at it

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  1. nfoxtv says:

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  2. rautomotiveuk says:


  3. vinny_vsx says:

    Say if I chucked a rock at the S3? #rocklife

  4. nfoxtv says:

    @rautomotiveuk 👌🏻

  5. nfoxtv says:

    @vinny_vsx it would get said rock and bash it round your face 😉😂

  6. vinny_vsx says:

    @nfoxtv Wow! That’s impressive.

  7. nfoxtv says:

    @vinny_vsx ❤️

  8. lordfauxgras says:

    I miss my S3, just great cars

  9. timafc says:

    Can’t compete with a mini haha

  10. ttomster88 says:

    @lordfauxgras me too.. best car I ever had!

  11. nfoxtv says:

    @lordfauxgras what did you change to?

  12. nfoxtv says:

    @turbo_tomt not a fan of the TT?

  13. nfoxtv says:

    @timafc 😂😂

  14. ttomster88 says:

    @nfoxtv Oh I'm a big fan of the TT (since the first modell) but the S3 8P was one of my first cars - like the first love 😁 I had it for 8 years and 160k miles😁still on the roads in Slovenia..

  15. lordfauxgras says:

    @nfoxtv many cars now, BMW’s for w while ended up in a M6 V10 Cab and now driving a XKR5.0, and MK5 GTi

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