[Alfaromeo] Battendo La Tempesta Alfaromeo Gt Valledaosta Winter

Battendo La Tempesta Alfaromeo Gt Valledaosta Winter

Battendo la tempesta alfaromeo gt valledaosta winter driving

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  1. silvia_giotti says:

    Wow, same story here in England today....

  2. silvia_giotti says:

    Nice car BTW

  3. fvanloon96 says:

    @silvia_giotti thanks! We were in the Italian Alps, very beautiful indeed!

  4. kaveneyceara says:

    @fvanloon96 got my initials on your car 😉 best car ever

  5. fvanloon96 says:

    @kaveneyceara thanks! CK ❤️

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