[Lamborghiniaventador] == What’s The Point Of A Tesla Now Leave A Comment == Follow Like Comment And Save Post Ministry Of Cars &  Carsfeed  for More Partners: Lamborghiniaventador

== What’s The Point Of A Tesla Now Leave A Comment == Follow Like Comment And Save Post Ministry Of Cars &  Carsfeed  for More Partners: Lamborghiniaventador

== what's the point of a Tesla now Leave a comment == Follow Like Comment and Save Post ministry of carsu00a0&u00a0 carsfeed u00a0for more Partners: carsfeed porschearmyu00a0 conceptcars epicautomotive lopezz.spot carz daily car.perfections lightedminds throttle247 Tag your friends carsfeedu00a0 ministry of cars

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  1. brunocarro says:

    @toniteijeiro6 es difícil controlarlo

  2. brunocarro says:

    @toniteijeiro6 es difícil controlarlo

  3. ttherealjoness says:


  4. ttherealjoness says:


  5. lowmiata says:

    Sound doesn’t match what the car is doing

  6. akash_medda says:

    thats bcoz its fake... they added the sound clip

  7. tarrandavey says:


  8. fokkesjoerd_ says:

    why edit a sound of a car

  9. woodepic says:

    @omnomnombac I need this

  10. bel_lusso says:


  11. omnomnombac says:

    @woodepic loool when you wanna make your car slower

  12. danielsegerer says:

    What??? 😂 how can have a Tesla this sound ?

  13. hunter.h776 says:


  14. tougedeathwish says:

    fake video

  15. rcdlr_roberto says:

    un tesla haciendo ruido, claro que si...

  16. trc.im_a_little_puppet says:


  17. parkarlstedt says:

    Oh so fake.

  18. parkarlstedt says:

    @danielsegerer it doesn't..

  19. robert_sanchez674 says:

    @danielsegerer supposably it is swapped with a 2jz but its fake

  20. xrx_moto says:


  21. krm_gungr says:


  22. krm_gungr says:

    @alucc_erenn @aluc_erenn

  23. jess__dion says:

    @nollieswitchfakie bien nonnnn

  24. seizefortnitebucksrnow says:

    Fake! No swap It’s stock Tesla

  25. gangsta_.25 says:

    Only 2 JZ sound

  26. racecarsdontneedheadlights says:


  27. z.ya.h8r says:


  28. filip.jashari says:

    @mihaaaa_j_ merkst du den fail ? 😂😂😂😂

  29. kingg.daviid says:

    @5ohteeej fake or real? 😂😂

  30. nathanmanies says:


  31. 5ohteeej says:

    That’s fake it’s been going around for a while 😂 @kingg.daviid

  32. alexis____alvarez says:


  33. banksbtl says:

    You just made it slower

  34. billthesavge says:

    Fake there's not a exhaust

  35. official_hatom says:

    I thought Tesla does not make noise

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